3 Reasons To Contact A Lawyer After A Motorcycle Accident

Whether you are an avid motorcyclist or just like to ride on the occasional weekend, it pays to know what to do after an accident. While all bikers should prioritize necessary medical treatment and recovery, contacting an attorney can be just as important. If you're curious about the advantages of hiring an attorney who works on motorcycle accident cases, keep reading below to discover some of the most important ones.

Determining Liability 

In any accident, there will be at least two parties involved, and determining liability—that is, who is ultimately at fault—is one of the most important and difficult things to do. Legal liability goes far beyond a simple "he said, she said" series of accusations. Fortunately, a motorcycle accident lawyer can work with law enforcement agencies, eyewitnesses, and medical experts to build an actual case. Then, with the evidence they and their team have collected, they can prove a definitive link between the actions of another driver, the accident itself, and any injuries you have suffered as a result of the accident.

Navigating the Claims Process

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, then your primary goal, alongside recovery, should be to get fair compensation. To begin this process, you'll need to file a claim (or multiple claims for complex cases), then begin negotiating with insurance companies for a fair settlement. If no agreement can be reached, then matters are taken to court. In each step of this process, having an attorney who can fight for compensation on your behalf is crucial. Having no legal representation makes it substantially more difficult to be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Tackling Exceptional Cases

Your case may be an exceptional one, in that no other driver or rider was involved; instead, the accident seems more likely to have been caused by a defective part produced by the motorcycle manufacturer or a maintenance error. In these sorts of cases, retaining the services of a motorcycle accident attorney is absolutely essential.

First and foremost, they will be familiar with major manufacturers, distributors, dealerships, and repair shops that may be liable parties. Second, they will be able to quickly initiate legal action against said parties, and establish a connection between the defective part and the injuries you have sustained. Trying to balance all of these responsibilities on your own can be daunting, and is a good cause to hire an attorney.

Contact a local motorcycle accident lawyer to learn more. 

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