Have You Acquired A Dog Bite Infection? All You Need To Know About The Compensation Process

Dogs can cause deep wounds and gashes when they injure you with their teeth or nails. When these injuries are not treated in time, germs and contaminants can enter your body through the wounded areas. This can result in severe infections that might worsen your condition and complicate treatment. It's easy for the dog owner to deny compensation for subsequent infections and claim they aren't related to the dog bites. For this reason, it's paramount to engage a dog bite lawyer immediately after encountering the unfortunate event. Here is all you need to know while seeking compensation for the dog bite infection.

The Infections That Result from Dog Injuries

Dog injuries can cause rabies, which might result in severe brain injuries or even death if you don't receive instant treatment. After the dog attack, it is crucial to seek medical help if you start having confusion, anxiety, hallucinations, and partial paralysis. Your doctor will offer the right treatment and vaccinate you to prevent severe complications. 

You may also suffer cellulite infection, which usually shows up one day after being bitten by a canine. The first indications of this infection include swelling and a reddish color around the bitten areas. It would help if you visited the hospital immediately after noticing these signs. This will enable you to get treated, averting additional complications such as eye and blood infections. Additionally, a hospital visit is crucial as it enables you to obtain a doctor's report, which your lawyer will use to prove that your condition resulted from dog-related injuries.

The Potential Settlement You Might Get for Your Losses

Infections that arise from a canine attack can make you incur huge losses, especially in medical treatment. Luckily, you can get payments to cover your treatment cost. That includes compensation for emergency room visits, medication, and hospitalization. 

You can also claim compensation for other damages you suffer from the attack. For example, you are entitled to compensation for wages you might lose if you have to stop working to recover. Furthermore, you may get compensated for losing a good quality of life if the infection leads to a disability. Your lawyer will find the value of the damages and represent you in the lawsuit to ensure that you get every coin you deserve. 

Treating injuries caused by a canine can be pretty costly. But you shouldn't carry the burden of the losses caused by the accident if the attack was not your fault. So hire a personal injury lawyer to file a claim against the dog owner and fight for a fair settlement to cover all your losses.

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