How To Document Your Car Accident The Right Way

One of the key aspects of winning any personal injury case is to get proper documentation. Without it, you'll not have the evidence that you need to prove the damages you suffered and that the other person was at fault. Here are some tips for documenting a car accident the right way.

Take Photos Immediately After The Crash

If you are able to do so, you'll definitely want to take as many photos as possible after a car accident. You should be photographing the damage to your vehicle and the other driver's vehicle because it can help prove how the cars hit each other. You also want to document where the cars ended up after the crash, as well as any skid marks that you can find on the road. These photos can piece together the puzzle of proving who was at fault for causing the accident.

Get A Doctor To Check You Out ASAP

It is also crucial that you visit a doctor as soon as possible to check you out for injuries. The reason that you want to do it quickly is to prove that the injuries were serious and that they were the result of the crash. If you wait too long, it's possible that you could be accused of not having serious injuries. For example, the defendant may claim that your injuries were not a big deal, which is why you delayed going to the doctor. The defendant may also need you to prove that the accident actually happened due to the car accident, and not for some other reason that happened between the crash and when you visited a doctor. 

Keep A Personal Injury Journal 

Documenting your injury and recovery process is important because you may not settle your case until months later. At that point, it will be very difficult to remember how you were feeling on any given day after the accident. Your injury journal can help you remember your state with absolute certainty.

The key to keeping a personal injury journal is to make entries consistently and frequently. It should include a diagram of the body where you can mark each area where you are experiencing pain. Those areas can be identified with a number describing of how painful they feel. You should also write down what medications you are taking, any issues with your range of motion, and even your mental state at the time. This documentation can help you receive pain and suffering damages when settling your case. 

For more information, reach out to a car accident lawyer right away.

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