It's Difficult To Prove Fault In A Grocery Store Slip And Fall Accident

Large numbers of customers will often pass through a typical grocery store every day tracking in mud and snow. Merchandise is also often dropped and the spills on the floor can create hazardous conditions. If this is the case, you might suddenly slip and fall while at the grocery store and injure yourself. The grocery store might immediately claim that they aren't at fault for the accident. However, after a quick consultation with a personal injury lawyer, you might be able to determine if you have a case. 

Proving Negligence

Slip and fall accidents can be devastating and lead to expensive medical bills. Unfortunately, a slip and fall accident case can often be difficult to win without the help of a personal injury lawyer. You may be able to take legal action against the grocery store owner, but you must be able to prove that:

  1. You fell in the grocery store
  2. You were injured as a result of your fall
  3. You suffered damages
  4. The conditions of the grocery store lead to the accident
  5. The grocery store had advanced knowledge of the dangerous conditions and failed to correct them

For example, if the floor just recently became wet and you slip on it, you may find it more difficult to prove that the grocery store is at fault for the accident. However, if the grocery store has a history of failing to properly maintain its floors and is highly dangerous, such as if there is a plumbing leak causing wet floor conditions that haven't been fixed yet, you may have a case.

Gathering Evidence

The judge would consider whether a reasonable person would expect the floor to be wet and what actions a reasonable person would take. To prove that the defendant was not reasonable, you must gather evidence such as photographs and eyewitness testimony.

Proving That You Weren't at Fault

You may also need to prove that you did not engage in any risk-taking behaviors and that you were not warned about the dangerous conditions. For example, you might point out that there was no wet floor sign and that no employees warned you about the dangerous floor.

Determining fault can be very difficult and it's a good idea to turn to an experienced personal injury lawyer for help. By working with a personal injury lawyer, you will not only receive assistance with gathering evidence but you will also be able to better calculate the damages you have suffered.

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