Why Adaptive Cruise Control Causes Some Drivers To Crash

Many newer vehicles come with adaptive cruise control. This technology allows the driver to set a speed without having to press the accelerator to adjust the speed. While this technology was created with the goal of creating safer road conditions, it may be more dangerous to operate a vehicle with adaptive cruise control.

How Adaptive Cruise Control Contributes to Accidents

The primary problem with adaptive cruise control is that drivers will set speeds higher than what is posted as the speed limit. This is done because drivers believe that they are less likely to be involved in accidents when using adaptive cruise control.

Adaptive cruise control tracks the speed of the car in front. If the car in front slows down, the car is also supposed to slow down. These technologies can also come with blind spot sensors and automatic emergency braking. While these technologies can be effective in some cases, they can also cause confusion and encourage bad driving.

Distractions Caused By Adaptive Cruise Control

When a driver is on a multi-lane road, the blind spot detection system can activate and might confuse the driver. This may cause the driver to swerve when it isn't necessary to do so and cause an accident. Drivers are even more likely to become distracted when they are distracted by other things as well, such as an argument with a passenger or a mobile device.

Adaptive Cruise Control Is Not an Excuse for Speeding

A driver should never drive over the speed limit even when using adaptive cruise control. If you are struck by a driver who is speeding for this reason, you will still be able to take legal action against the driver for the accident that they caused.

Comparative Negligence

After an accident, both drivers might argue that the other driver is at fault for the accident. However, if the other driver is speeding, your personal injury attorney may be able to make a strong case as to why the other driver is partially or entirely at fault. 

When a driver is speeding, they will have less time to react during an emergency, will have a harder time making a turn and traveling safely on a curving road, and will have a more difficult time driving safely on an icy road. Seatbelts and airbags are less effective. Therefore, if your attorney can prove that the driver is being reckless, you may have an easier time proving that the other party is at fault. Contact personal injury lawyers in your area to learn more.

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