3 Important Things to Tell Your Auto Accident Lawyer After an Accident

When a not-so-fatal accident occurs, it's prudent that you take a keen look at everything going on so you can report effectively when your auto accident lawyer asks for information. Note down the most important things that apply to your case and prepare a detailed description of how the accident happened and how the on-goings affected your life. 

However, that's not the only thing you should remember when discussing your accident with your lawyer. Here are three additional important things you should remember to tell your car accident lawyer.

1. Share the Information of Your Discussion with Insurance Representatives

Your insurance company or that of the other party will likely call you to discuss settlement offers. Sometimes they might send letters or come in person to present their offer. You should share what they bring on board with your car accident lawyer before agreeing to any offer they present.

Your lawyer will help you get organized on what to say during your interview with the insurance reps. They'll also help you understand whether the deal they're offering is fair or not and how you can handle the issue if the insurance company wants to play a dirty game.

2. Share Information Provided by the Police at the Accident Scene

More often, the police are among the first public servants to be called to an accident scene. When they arrive, one of the things they must do is draft an accident report. The accident report usually contains detailed information about the accident, including diagrams of where the cars collided and the damaged parts of the vehicles involved. 

You can easily describe to your car accident lawyer what happened with such information, and they'll perfectly understand. You should request a copy of the police report for the benefit of your case. If you can't get hold of it in time, let your lawyer know so they can get one for you from the police.

3. Share Details of Your Medical Condition and Prognosis 

To obtain fair and adequate compensation after an accident, you need to prove your injuries' adverseness. Your auto accident lawyer must understand how much the accident-triggered injuries have affected your life in various aspects, including finances, well-being, and mental health. 

Once your lawyer has the nitty-gritty of the injury's impact, they can help come up with a conclusive report of what needs to be included in the compensation and what doesn't qualify. You can consider including photos of the injury, a medical report from a doctor, a list of treatments and recommendations from the doctor, etc. 

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