Tricks Your Employer Might Use When You File For Workers' Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you might feel indignant if your employer does not take your injuries seriously and mistreats you. There are several actions carried out by employers that are unfortunately far too common. However, these tactics can also sometimes backfire on your employer in many ways.

Placing Demands on You to Continue Working

Your employer should not place any unreasonable demands on you. For example, your employer should not require that you perform actions that could exacerbate your injuries. If you are being mistreated, bring this up with a workers' compensation attorney and it might be an important part of your litigation.

The employer might also make comments about the claim that demonstrate that the employer seeks to denigrate it. For example, your employer might believe that the care you receive is not justified. However, you shouldn't worry after speaking with an attorney because many forms of care can be compensated, regardless of whether they provide subjective or objective relief for your injuries.

Causing Unreasonable Delays

You may feel like your workers' compensation claim is not going anywhere. Your employer is not allowed to delay the process by misplacing paperwork and may be considered by the courts to be acting in bad faith. Your employer must also answer calls or return them if they are not available. 

One strategy is to schedule an appointment with an independent medical examiner who has been paid for by your employer and may attempt to deny medical care. If this occurs, make sure to bring it up with your workers' compensation insurance provider.

Your employer might also give you advice such as asking you not to hire an attorney or trying to send you to a doctor who does not specialize in the body part that was injured while on the job. If you are not sure if you should follow the advice of your employer, always consult with an attorney.

Denying Your Claim

Your employer or the insurance provider may decide to deny your claim. Whenever a claim is denied, it should be supported by evidence. Also, while you might see an occasional claim be denied, this should not be the case with every single claim you file.

Fortunately, regardless of the tricks that your employer might use, there are always actions you can take to counter them. You may be able to negotiate a settlement or take your case to court. Contact a workers' compensation lawyer for more information. 

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