Understanding How Toxic Exposure Can Lead to a Wrongful Death Case

When someone passes away quickly and the cause of death is obvious, those left behind may find it easier to file a wrongful death claim. However, if your loved one has passed away due to illness that was caused by long-term exposure to a poisonous substance, you will have a more difficult battle when trying to prove that long-term toxic exposure was the cause of your loved one's death.

The Consequences of Toxic Exposure

Toxic exposure can take years to show any harmful health effects. Those exposed to toxic substances can feel perfectly healthy at first and can suddenly succumb to their illness. Unfortunately, many industries produce chemicals that are harmful to humans who are exposed for a long period.

Fortunately, there are regulations that govern how a company can handle toxic chemicals. However, some companies are negligent in the handling of toxic chemicals. If your loved one was exposed to toxic chemicals and developed a fatal condition, you should speak with a wrongful death attorney.

Those Most at Risk of Toxic Exposure

Children are very vulnerable to toxic exposure because they are still developing and the toxic chemicals can have a stronger impact on their development. Workers are also at risk because they will sometimes work in environments where they suffer prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals. Workers who are particularly in danger include oil miners, painters, construction workers, and welders. Even if a career is inherently dangerous, the management is still obligated to make sure that the workplace is as safe as possible and follows OSHA guidelines. Unfortunately, some businesses are negligent and place their employees at risk.

Gathering Evidence

If you are related to the deceased through blood or marriage, you may be entitled to compensation for the death of your loved one. This will not bring your loved one back but it may allow you to reduce the odds that others will also be victimized by the company's negligent actions. However, you must prove that the company was negligent and that this negligence is directly tied to the death of your loved one.

To prove negligence, you will likely need help from expert witnesses who are knowledgeable about the toxic chemicals that your loved one was exposed to and will also understand the proper procedures the negligent party should have followed to limit toxic exposure. With this evidence, your wrongful death attorney can craft a case for why you deserve compensation.

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