Did Your Partner's Cat Scratch You And Make You Sick? A Personal Injury Lawsuit May Be Necessary

Some people do very well with cats and never end up getting bitten or scratched. Others, when visiting romantic partners or friends, may not be so lucky and get sick as a result due to cat scratch fever. In this situation, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary but tough because it is likely to end a romantic relationship right in its tracks.

Cat Bite Lawsuits Are Personal Injury Concerns

Cat bite lawsuits are less common those related to dogs because they usually do not attack people as often as dogs. That's because they are usually more likely to run away from a human that they don't know rather than attack them. However, a person visiting a romantic partner may try to handle that person's cat anyway and get scratched or bitten on the arm, neck, or chest.

These scratches aren't too serious if properly treated but can contain various types of viruses and bacteria that may spread into the bloodstream and make a person very sick. When this happens, they may turn to their romantic partner for financial help. But if they turn them down or even break up over the event, it may be time to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to get the necessary help.

Liability May Be Tough

When trying to prove liability in a cat scratch or bite lawsuit, it is important to know how different states interpret this situation. Some states place very strict liability on the owner and always blame them, no matter what compelled the cat to bite. However, one-bite states allow the owner of the cat one "free" bite before making them liable for injuries. In this situation, most cat owners will warn others about their cat's penchant for biting or scratching.

And if the person who was scratched was warned about this situation and did not listen, they may be held liable instead of the cat owner. This fact is particularly true in strict negligence states – if the owner not only warned their romantic partner about the cat but locked them in a room to keep them away, the court will almost always put the blame on the scratched partner if they go into the room and try to interact with the cat anyway.

Those who try to play with a cat that they know dislikes them often do so to connect with their romantic partner more and to be a bigger part of their life. However, ignoring their warning and getting scratched and sick is ultimately likely to end their relationship, making it better to simply stay away.

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