Brain Injury After A Motorcycle Accident? Try These Recovery Tips

During a motorcycle crash your brain can move around in your skull even if you're wearing a helmet. Because of this, you may end up with a concussion, internal bleeding, or another type of traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, these medical conditions often have a lengthy recovery period and medical bills can rack up quickly. If you haven't already contacted a legal professional, consider utilizing motorcycle attorney services while you heal. A motorcycle lawyer can help you pursue financial compensation while you try these practical tips to speed up your recovery.

Limit Screen Time

An injured brain needs plenty of rest and you may get overstimulated if you stare at a screen for more than a few minutes. This includes digital screens on smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming devices. TV may also trigger a headache if you have a brain injury after a motorcycle crash, so save your favorite shows until you recover. 

Many people who temporarily give up digital devices during the recovery period are unsure how to spend their free time. Experiment with different activities, such as painting, bird watching, swimming, and assembling puzzles, until you find enjoyable tasks that don't worsen your symptoms.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Inflammation can make your symptoms worse, so watch out for foods high in sodium or sugar. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and don't skimp on protein. You might also find it helpful to add a multivitamin or other supplements after speaking with your doctor about the accident. Your brain may need more nutrients than usual during the healing process.

Avoid Motorcycle Rides Until You Heal

It can be tempting to get back on your bike shortly after a wreck, but hold off until your brain injury goes away - even if it takes months. You may end up in another motorcycle crash before your first injury heals, which can result in second impact syndrome. Second impact syndrome occurs when an individual develops a second concussion while they are still recovering from a previous concussion. This condition can cause dangerous levels of swelling in your brain, which puts you at risk for long-term complications or even death.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer ASAP

Add "contact a motorcycle accident attorney" to your to-do list if you haven't already obtained legal help. A motorcycle wreck can result in serious complications, even if you feel confident your brain can return to its pre-accident state. Regardless of how your recovery progresses, you deserve financial compensation for lost wages, vehicular damage, and other accident-related expenses. Learn more about your rights by contacting a motorcycle accident specialist, like Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers, as soon as possible.

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